• ┬ę Taufik Kenan, Berlin


When we began to work intensively with wood 15 years ago, our declared goal was to use this archaic material to develop a modern architectural language that could be applied to any type of building project. Today, through building group projects and educational buildings, we have become specialists in timber construction in an urban context.

This conscious specialisation takes into account our social responsibility: as a member of the building industry, which consumes the most energy in the construction of your buildings compared to other sectors of the economy. It is a matter close to our hearts to build in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Sustainability only succeeds with projects that last, and that’s exactly what buildings made of wood can do through their aesthetic added value, durability and recyclability.

Our architecture displays that pure wood buildings in urban environments are not only possible, but also extremely attractive and recommendable, as they appeal to our senses and can be realized quickly, healthily and in a way that is suitable for everyday use thanks to high levels of prefabrication.

  • Wood is a CO2 reservoir
  • Wood is a renewable resource
  • Wood is recyclable
  • Wood has high thermal insulation and soundproofing properties
  • Wooden building materials create a healthy indoor climate and promote well-being
  • Wood enables fast and low-emission construction

Wood is the sustainable building material of the future!