Roof extension and annexe in timber construction

In Pankow, near the Schlosspark Niederschönhausen, a co-housing project with nine residential units and six studios was built. A former transformer station was converted for the studios. In addition to the existing buildings, six apartments were built as annexes and three as attic extensions.

Load-bearing timber panel facades and solid cross-laminated timber ceilings form the load-bearing structure of the new buildings. The addition on top of the substation has a rafter roof construction.

A special feature of this project, in addition to the attractive structural mediation of an old building worthy of preservation with a modern wooden new building, is the very individual apartment floor plans, some of which extend over several floors. The roof areas are predominantly designed as terraces. The color concept was developed in intensive cooperation with the client.

Location: Berlin Pankow, Idastraße
Building owner: Baugemeinschaft IDA GbR
Year of construction: Completion February 2020
Construction costs: 2.9 Mio. € gross
Gross floor area: 1500 sqm
Work phases: 3-8