New construction of a temporary multifunctional building in timber construction

The “B-Part Am Gleisdreieck” is a temporary pioneering development on the Gleisdreieck.  As a symbol of the living and working environments of tomorrow, the B-Part urban laboratory already stands for the uses of the future urban quarter Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck: new work, art & culture, sport, regional trade and gastronomy.

The basic shape of the two-storey timber building is bent in two. As a result, it stands like a symbol in the area characterized by old commercial buildings.

With its wooden façade, large windows and spacious outdoor terraces, the temporary building acts as a focal point in the park.

In addition to the short construction time, one of the criteria for the timber construction was the sustainability of the building material and its high aesthetic quality. The visible wooden ceilings and the walls clad with maritime pine panels create a natural atmosphere inside.

This project was honored with the Iconic Award 2020.


Location: Berlin, Park am Gleisdreieck
Client: Urbane Mitte Entwicklungs-GmbH & Co. KG
Year of completion: 2019
gross floor area: 1160 sqm
Project phases: 1 to 6 (HOAI)