Wooden modular construction

Three kindergartens at three locations in Pforzheim have been designed as two-story
compact structures made of wooden modules. These are arranged around the
H-shaped development zones in such a way that a clear structure and more private spatial zones are created.
Within the houses, manageable units are located for the reference groups, which consist of a group room, bedroom, sanitary unit and checkroom with access to the garden.
Rooms with superordinate uses are arranged in the center of the building.
Thus, on the first floor there is the forum, which can be interconnected by the foyer and the multipurpose room.
As a central meeting point on the upper floor, the specialist rooms are arranged with generous
play corridors.
Each group area has an assigned checkroom area, which also functions as a lock to the outside space. The group rooms are terraces on the first floor and balconies on the upper floor as pergolas.
The garden can be reached comfortably and safely from these balconies.

Location: Pforzheim
Client: Stadtbau GmbH Pforzheim
Planning time: 2020
Service: Competition participation